Takeoff from Seoul – May 29

I took KLM to get from Seoul to Berlin, with a layover in the Netherlands of course.  It’s a solid, affordable choice.  Not too much leg room though.

KLM Economy Class legroom
Legroom leaves something to be desired.

I’m right under 5’6″ and my knees were nearly touching the seat in front of me.  I can only imagine the discomfort of the long-legged Dutch.  You’d think a Dutch airline would accommodate accordingly for their own folks.

I had my own screen though, which is always a necessity for me on long flights since that’s when I catch up on every good and horrible movie that’s been out for that year.

Got my own screen at least
Got my own screen at least

At first, I wanted to look like a cool and responsible traveler so I whipped out my iPad Mini and started on my little travel diary, but that got old after about 4 minutes.  There’s only so much you can do in a cramped space with recycled air and the obligatory crying babies and pushy old people.  How does that affect my ability to type on my iPad?  It just does.

My Flight Necessities:

  • socks
  • cardigan
  • earphones
  • iPod Nano
  • breath mints (12 hour flight breath is a party for no one)

Flight No-No:

  • airplane’s water fountain
    • prepare ahead of time and get yourself a water bottle from the airport after security checks. After reading this article, I preferred not to take my chances with the dirty water tanks, and commenced refusing any water that wasn’t bottled or sealed on the plane.  I always got juice or soda.

And if any of you are wondering, I didn’t bother trying to take my Osprey 46 backpack on board with me.  Checked that sucker in, since I had liquids over the 100ml limit and I was going to be either taking trains and buses for the majority of my trip.

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