I went to India!

Way back in January I went to India for the very first time, to speak at WordCamps Pune and Udaipur.  I left California in the cold and rain and fully expected a hot and humid arrival at Mumbai.  Instead, I barely survived with t-shirts, long pants, and a Northface jacket. I technically hit up a total … Continue reading I went to India!

My Burton Escapade bindings

Noooooo! When I pulled out my bindings from their box last year in preparation for a snow trip, pieces of plastic were falling off. I flip the binding over, and the bottom part of the gas pedal was falling apart.  It didn't affect my ride so much, but it was definitely unstable and the feeling … Continue reading My Burton Escapade bindings

My blog is victoriapark.blog

I'm sure it's obvious from the URL, but for those who lack attention to detail, my domain (site URL) has changed from vparkhere.com to victoriapark.blog!  Expect more consistent updates about my life and my past and future travels.  I am going to jet off in under two weeks, so keep your eyeballs peeled for some … Continue reading My blog is victoriapark.blog

Working in Belize

I went to Belize for work.  And yes you should be jealous. So for those of you who don't track my every movement, I was recently hired as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.  A what?  Where?  You spelled automatic wrong. My job title is quite literal; I do my best to engineer happiness for our … Continue reading Working in Belize