I went to India!

Way back in January I went to India for the very first time, to speak at WordCamps Pune and Udaipur.  I left California in the cold and rain and fully expected a hot and humid arrival at Mumbai.  Instead, I barely survived with t-shirts, long pants, and a Northface jacket. I technically hit up a total … Continue reading I went to India!

My Burton Escapade bindings

Noooooo! When I pulled out my bindings from their box last year in preparation for a snow trip, pieces of plastic were falling off. I flip the binding over, and the bottom part of the gas pedal was falling apart.  It didn't affect my ride so much, but it was definitely unstable and the feeling … Continue reading My Burton Escapade bindings

My blog is victoriapark.blog

I'm sure it's obvious from the URL, but for those who lack attention to detail, my domain (site URL) has changed from vparkhere.com to victoriapark.blog!  Expect more consistent updates about my life and my past and future travels.  I am going to jet off in under two weeks, so keep your eyeballs peeled for some … Continue reading My blog is victoriapark.blog

New York – The Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite eating places

Notable places: Brooklyn Roasting Company, Brooklyn Bridge, Prince St. Pizza, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Biergarten Favorite coffeeshop: The Brooklyn Roasting Company We had visited another, more exclusive looking coffeeshop called La Colombe, but BRC stole my heart.  I didn't want to visit the same place twice, but this cafe was a happy exception.  Not only … Continue reading New York – The Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite eating places

New York – Chelsea Market, Halal Guys, and Times Square

Notable places: Chelsea Market, Halal Guys, the MET, Shake Shack, Schmackary's Chelsea Market Days continued to be dreary as we set out for Chelsea Market. It wasn’t difficult to find, and if you go as early in the morning as we did, there’s hardly anyone walking around. If you have trouble knowing where to go, … Continue reading New York – Chelsea Market, Halal Guys, and Times Square

New York – Hanging Around NYU, 9/11 Memorial, and the Financial District

Breakfast at Friedmann’s We had to make sure we had a hearty breakfast to prep our bodies for the strenuous walks ahead, so we headed over to Friedmann’s for some delicious french toast, eggs, burritos, and hash browns. I felt extremely healthy with my side of fruit rather than toast, and it did not disappoint … Continue reading New York – Hanging Around NYU, 9/11 Memorial, and the Financial District

My First Day in New York

This was my first trip to New York. All I knew about New York was what I had seen from TV shows and movies, so my assumptions were that everyone was just the average, relatable working class Joe looking to get laid on a regular basis, and it is the prime place for aliens to start invading. I … Continue reading My First Day in New York

Fitbrick Surge

The Fitbit Surge really isn't so bad, it's a nifty device and there are a lot of features a stats-hungry athlete would love. It just takes getting used to. Automattic made an announcement that all of its employees would be able to receive a Fitbit of his/her choice. Cue a sudden uptick in Google searches for … Continue reading Fitbrick Surge

Hiking at Castle Rock

At 10 AM this morning, I was at Castle Rock State Park.  The weather was dreary, it was forecasted to have light rain showers throughout the day with a humidity of 90%.  I was tired from the night before, but with a full breakfast under my belt and the promise of hanging out with friends, … Continue reading Hiking at Castle Rock