Training Heidi – Day 1

First training session today! We spent about 2 hours talking with the trainer about the methods we’ll be using, the homework we’ll be doing, and the reasons we’re doing it. The theme for this week seems to be getting Heidi to learn how to relax herself, without our aid.

Heidi growled at the trainer at first, but by the end of the session she was lying down and chill. I can’t tell if it was due to the 80ºF weather or that she truly felt relaxed around a stranger. It helped that the trainer was constantly throwing treats.

Dog Training Heidi

My blog is

I’m sure it’s obvious from the URL, but for those who lack attention to detail, my domain (site URL) has changed from to!  Expect more consistent updates about my life and my past and future travels.  I am going to jet off in under two weeks, so keep your eyeballs peeled for some unedited photos!  Honestly, who’s got the time to edit photos?

I’ve had so many drafts all up in my head of these amazing topics to write about, but never bothered going to my dashboard to write up a post.  But this year’s going to be different!  For example, I’ve just signed up for a 10K, even though I hate running.  I guess that’s not really a drastic move, I’ve done a half marathon before.  Whoop, did I just do a humble brag? YES.  And did I just look up “humble brag” to make sure I used it correctly? YES.

I’ve had buyer’s regret ever since getting (bye bye privacy!) but then again, there are actual parks called Victoria Park in any country that England has laid a finger on, so maybe I’ll be able to just blend into the background.  Although the whole point of having a blog is making more people look at it, so I shouldn’t be wanting to blend in with everyone else.  Look at me, worried about invasion of privacy as though I’m a celebrity.  I have nothing juicy in my life that’ll make headlines.  Sometimes I don’t wash my face when I go to the gym early in the morning, because I’m going to sweat anyway.  I do brush my teeth though, and I wish other treadmill runners would follow suit.  Good grief, if the CO2 intake of plants was based on strength, the bag of smells I inhale would nourish an orchard.

Staring at my domain and feeling a little jelly? Get your own .blog right here and start a blog or website at


Daily Life

New York – The Brooklyn Bridge and my favorite eating places

Notable places: Brooklyn Roasting Company, Brooklyn Bridge, Prince St. Pizza, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Biergarten

Favorite coffeeshop: The Brooklyn Roasting Company

We had visited another, more exclusive looking coffeeshop called La Colombe, but BRC stole my heart.  I didn’t want to visit the same place twice, but this cafe was a happy exception.  Not only was it large and, to my unpracticed eyes, well designed, it also had the most friendly baristas that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Every one of them was extremely personable, and even gifted my friend a free drink for her birthday.

New York Travel