I ate so much in Hong Kong

I spent an entire week in Hong Kong, and I’ve got the belly to show for it.  My week went something like dim sum, noodles, noodles, dim sum, pork bun, dim sum.

My favorite breakfast: 18 Grams Coffee Roastery Lab in Wan Chai

It’s a small coffeeshop, and coming in with a group of 10 means you’re taking over the place.  I had the smashed avocado and egg that came with a small salad, and it was delicious. for $108 HKD, it’s not super cheap, but it’s a full meal and you start the morning off right.IMG_2596.JPG

My favorite lunch spot: Ding Dim 1968

You also don’t want to come here with a group greater than 4.  I particular liked the radish cakes, but the fried wontons were popular as well, and of course I had to order xiao long bao at least once.

My go-to boba place: TP Tea Central

Good grief, is this place popular.  Maybe it’s because I always went at lunchtime, but I’ve always had to stand in line with at least 5 people in front of me.  I got the classic milk tea with boba (#4 on the menu) and it was so refreshing.  I especially liked that the pearls were small, rather than the gigantic ones you can choke on.

Most authentic-feeling: Mak’s Noodles

I say it felt authentic because it was constantly packed, we were sharing tables, and the tables were tiny.  There were no frills, you ordered what you wanted and you got it, usually within 5-10 minutes.  I got the beef brisket and wonton once, then beef brisket noodles the second time I went.  Probably one of the most affordable places I ate at.  If you’re hungry, you might need two dishes.  I liked it though!

Greatest expectations: Tim Ho Wan

The restaurant most famous for being the cheapest 1-star Michelin restaurant.  We queued up at 8:50AM in the IFC mall on Friday, but there was no real need to do so, plenty of space remained when 9:00AM came around and the restaurant service began.  They’re famous for their pork buns and sponge cakes, so I tried those two.  They’re good, but in a blind taste test I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these and a pork bun from Ding Dim 1968.

Fantastic Egg Tarts: Tai Cheong Bakery

Mmm, I could eat these forever.  Had I known that this bakery was around the corner from the coworking space I was at, I would’ve eaten these every day!

I ate at many more restaurants, but these are the only ones I bothered to take food pics of, so… oh well!

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