Running The Surfer’s Path 10K

I signed up for this race on a whim on December 31st, figuring I’d have almost two months to prep. I think I ran twice the week before the race, each just 3 miles. In other words, not ready at all. 

It’s been so long since I’ve done a race, I think my last one was back in January 2015, when I did the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland. Crazy expensive when you factor in hotel and flight costs to get there, plus it doesn’t even include an admission ticket.

I’ve completed a couple 10Ks, when I was in shape running 4 miles day, and when I was fat in college. I’m over ten pounds lighter but also not as fit as I used to be. I also hate running, so I wasn’t looking forward to this. 

But it wasn’t that bad! For one thing, I imagined it would be all sorts of exhausting with steep hills, but not at all! Maybe a few shallow hills at most, nothing to make you wheeze.  Plus, not a ton of people, very sunny, water breaks, and not planning to hit a personal record.  Also, the weather started off at 43 degrees F, so I was wearing my thermal Nike running tights, thermal Nike long sleeve, and a Nike Windrunner windbreaker. I was starting to regret the extra layer about two miles in. Honestly, it’s never going to be as cold as you think. Take off a layer last minute and stick it back in your car, you won’t regret it. 

The organizers met us at the end with a neat medal and a bag of snacks, and made a beeline to the shirts to make sure I’d get my size (women’s small).  I like sprinting to the finish line, and I wish I had started sooner. The last half mile is downhill and I think I could have gotten a much better time than 1:01:40. Another cool thing is that they email you seconds after you finish with your race time!

My friends and I congratulated ourselves with a filling lunch at Avenue Cafe, a tiny brunch place. If you’re coming in with a group of seven, request to have separate tables or you’ll never get seated, as we learned the hard way. 
I hate running, and I have tons of regrets whenever I start, but I grudgingly admit at the end that it was worth it, and feels good to push my body to its limits. 

Would I do it again? Sure, it’s an easy course, great views, nice to walk around after. 

Parking: There’s plenty of street parking in the residential neighborhoods for free. Just abide by the street signs and watch out for permit parking only areas. 

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