My Burton Escapade bindings

Noooooo! When I pulled out my bindings from their box last year in preparation for a snow trip, pieces of plastic were falling off. I flip the binding over, and the bottom part of the gas pedal was falling apart. 

It didn’t affect my ride so much, but it was definitely unstable and the feeling of something constantly moving beneath my feet wasn’t great, especially while carving.

I’ve heard great things about Burton’s customer service, but considering these bindings are from ’09 I don’t think much can be done. But who knows! I’ve used these bindings maybe six times, and I’m not going crazy when I snowboard. The most complicated thing I’ve done is go over a large bump that sent me airborne for a half of a second, and that was unintentional. 

By the way, since when did snow gear get so expensive??? I got my bindings for $80 and board for $150; same model of bindings, even if it’s last year’s model, is $200+. Good grief.


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