New York – Hanging Around NYU, 9/11 Memorial, and the Financial District

Breakfast at Friedmann’s

We had to make sure we had a hearty breakfast to prep our bodies for the strenuous walks ahead, so we headed over to Friedmann’s for some delicious french toast, eggs, burritos, and hash browns. I felt extremely healthy with my side of fruit rather than toast, and it did not disappoint as I received a nice smattering of pomegranate seeds and cuts of grapefruit. What a way to start the day. There was silence all around as we ladies dug in. The servings are ample so don’t be ambitious and order two dishes for yourself.

Breakfast at Friedmann's
Digging in

Café a La Colombe

Coffee is a given in any NY itinerary, so we went over to a popular coffee joint called La Colombe, where I snagged myself a nice and pricey almond latte. It pretty much tasted like a heated, caffeinated version of Silk’s Almond Milk, which I guess isn’t a horrible thing, but I was expecting something more unique and didn’t finish it. I’ve heard better things about their fancy shmancy coffee selections, so if you’re a coffee snob, you can snob away here.

La Colombe feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere though, as in you have to make a bit of a trek to get there, then trek some more to get to a second location. Armed with our disposable coffee cups, we decided to make ourselves feel old by surrounding ourselves with nubile college minds at Washington Square. The day was a little grey, and really, there was nothing to do or see, but we were determined to enjoy New York and its token locations, dammit, so we sat on cold wet stone slabs and sucked the Washington Square oxygen into our nostrils. Add that to our insistence on clutching our lukewarm coffee (mine was stone cold by then) so we can look immensely busy and important but at the some time, nonchalant. I felt like I was living in an Instagram post with the hashtag #fallcolors or something equally vague and idiotic.

Washington Square
the brightest yellow jacket I’ve seen ever

Lombardi’s Pizza

After we got tired of loitering outside the coffee establishment, we hitched up our skirts and set out to find the best pizza location within walking distance. We trekked through SoHo to a famous pizza joint, Lombardi’s Pizza. Nothing to write home about, but of course, still delicious. I do have a favorite pizza place though, which you’ll find out in a later post.  I sneered at the people next to us for using forks and knives lest they grease up their fingers, which are saved for more important tasks, like caressing newborn giraffes or sprinkling glitter over their pillowcases before sleeping. The lives of the uncouth!

9/11 Memorial

The next stop was of a more solemn note, the 9/11 memorial. The inverted fountains are really beautiful, and a fitting tribute. I’m sure this isn’t the most romantic train of thought, but I can’t help but think of the struggle that the city of New York probably had considering how valuable every square foot is, especially in such a busy location. They made the right decision to forego financial gain for the sake of remembering a tragic event that really resonated throughout the country and the world.  Or maybe the money that tourism would bring in to see these monuments outweighed the financial gain.

Wall Street

Wall Street was extremely underwhelming. I was expecting to see a parade of greased hair and power suits, but all I saw were tourists taking pictures in front of the New York Stock Exchange building.

We took our turn taking a picture with the bull, and scoffed at those immature youths who insisted on taking pictures with the bull’s anus.


We dove into Chinatown and ate at a very popular dim sum restaurant. If you forget how popular the restaurant is, don’t worry, all you have to do is take a look at the wall of celebrities who stopped by. Seating is like Benihana’s, where the goal is to fill up the tables, so the five of us were seated next to a threesome, and we snuck glances throughout the night to make sure the invisible line of our food/their food was not crossed.
It was getting late, but we needed to make the most of our stay, and dinner without dessert when you’re traveling… you should hang your head in shame for letting that thought even cross your mind. Being the hardcore nightlife girls that we are, we trekked to Eileen’s Cheesecakes to rebel against society and order a few slices at 9PM. I can’t tell you how good they were, since I’m not a cheesecake person, but the girls seemed to enjoy their condensed cream cheese/butter/ingredients concoction. It’s a small place though, about the size of a two-stalled restroom with a hand dryer, so don’t plan on coming here to loiter with a large church group.

Cheesecake at Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Following dinner is dessert, obviously.  Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, since that place is supposed to be popular, and is open quite late.  I don’t like cheesecake, so I didn’t bother tasting their token delicacy, and bought an overpriced chocolate chip cookie instead.  It tasted like a normal chocolate chip cookie, so I was disappointed.  At that price, I’m expecting little bits of narcotics embedded in to take me on a special high.  The place is tiny, so don’t bother going in with a crowd unless you want to play sardines.

The day’s costs:

Friedman’s- $16.11

La Colombe almond latte – $5

Lombardi’s Pizza – $6

Joe’s Shanghai  – $9.40

Eileen’s / Late night snacks – $5

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