Fitbrick Surge

The Fitbit Surge really isn’t so bad, it’s a nifty device and there are a lot of features a stats-hungry athlete would love. It just takes getting used to.

Automattic made an announcement that all of its employees would be able to receive a Fitbit of his/her choice. Cue a sudden uptick in Google searches for “Fitbit Surge vs Fitbit HR” considering those are the newest and biggest bang for the buck. I was torn; do I want something a little more understated that will suit my needs just fine, or get the most expensive product and tell myself it’s because of the GPS and not because I’m a greedy monkey?

I headed to Best Buy to see if I could try on both devices so I could have a visual on how they’d look on my arm. Best Buy needs to ease up, the activity trackers were all bolted to a pole and I had to buy them in order to try them on. I don’t think they realize just how bulky these wristbands are, there’s no way that you can wear a Surge or HR without it being painfully obvious that you are.

Neither band sits flush against your wrist and while the HR may take up less space sideways, the top part is weirdly thick. I felt like I was wearing handcuffs. That was another reason why I got the Surge, actually. If the smaller device is still ridiculously fat, might as well go for the other one with the bigger screen. Go hard or go home.

That being said, the Surge is FAT. I figure I have an average sized wrist, and for me the top part extends beyond my wrist width so there’s empty space in between. This is disappointing, I would have figured that we were at that point in tech where there’s no such thing as a bulky device. We’re carrying mini-computers in our pockets, yet I have to wear a gigantic letter “D” on my wrist?

That being said, I was still ridiculously excited when the package arrived.  It’s hard not to go gaga over any mailed packages in general; my heart will thump extra hard when I see that brown box sitting in front of the door, whether it be holding my next phone or a pack of disposable razors for my dad.

Fitbit arrived!
Work with us!


I’ve got to say though, the orange band was an excellent choice. If the wristpiece is going to stick out like a sore thumb, it might as well be eye-catching while it’s at it.

According to my Fitbit, I’m not alive.

The two biggest sore points:

1) Its size.

I want to wear this everywhere I go, not just when I’m working out, but the problem is that it’s so bulky it doesn’t always fit through my jacket sleeve.  I’ve got to either roll back my cuff a bit and keep my wrist dangling out, or have a nice Fitbit-sized lump on my arm.

You’ll never guess what’s under my sleeve.

2) Inability to detect my heart rate through my sleeves.

Due to my love of all things Nike, I have a LOT of Nike workout gear.  Nike’s in love with emo thumbholes right now, so a majority of my longsleeves have these.  Problem is, the Fitbit can’t detect my heart rate if I stick it on top of the sleeve (makes sense).  So, I either forego the cool heart rate feature, which I actually don’t mind doing since it shows me my pace instead when it can’t detect my heart rate, or I roll back the extra long sleeve and slowly lose circulation in my left arm as the extra fabric creates a tourniquet around my wrist.  Decisions.


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