Hiking at Castle Rock

At 10 AM this morning, I was at Castle Rock State Park.  The weather was dreary, it was forecasted to have light rain showers throughout the day with a humidity of 90%.  I was tired from the night before, but with a full breakfast under my belt and the promise of hanging out with friends, I soldiered on and had absolutely no regrets.

It’s a small park, and we had no trouble finding parking right outside of the toll gate, which means free parking, woot!  This is probably because there are not many crazies (like us) who decide to hike a mountain the day after it rains.

I was geared up, head to toe Nike minus the socks, because I love Nike and Nike Nike Nike.  I had 3 long-sleeves on total, including my outer jacket, and thermal leggings that kept me relatively warm.  I made sure to wear a jacket with a hoodie, and also don a cap, since keeping your head warm is the best thing to do when you’re going somewhere cold.

What I packed:

  • Northface Recon backpack (love this backpack, best purchase EVER made, have used it for over 10 years and it has yet to fail me.)
  • water bottle filled with cold water
  • Go Pro Hero4 Silver
  • GoPro charging cable
  • GoPro wrist mount
  • GoPro hat clip
  • Portable battery
  • micro-USB cable
  • Lightning cable
  • sandwich
  • sliced apples
  • tissues
  • plastic bags
  • spare shoes and socks
  • spare clothes to change into after the hike finishes
  • chapstick

What I should have also packed:

  • hand warmers
  • hand sanitizer
  • water bottle filled with hot tea
  • trail mix

Despite the grey weather, I think the company you’re with really makes a difference, because I had an amazing time and it’s been a while since I laughed so much. That being said, I wouldn’t have survived without a waterproof jacket and thermal tights, so while I never advise overpacking for a hike, dress warm to avoid sickness later.

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