Burgers at St. John’s

On Saturday, I decided to head over to a popular burger joint near Sunnyvale Costco to fulfill my two-week long craving.

It’s nothing gourmet, just a bit more upscale than a fast food restaurant. I decided with my friend beforehand that if we weren’t satisfied by the burgers we could always finish things off with a $1.50 hot dog and soda over at Costco – Sunnyvale. Yelp gave it four stars, and it has 1000+ reviews.

It’s the perfect place to kick back and have a beer while watching a college football game from one of their many TV sets mounted on the walls. I did neither, but I like the laid-back environment. I can easily imagine a TV show revolving around this restaurant, about six single young adults trying to survive in Silicon Valley with at least one person getting laid per episode.

My parents warned that there might be a line, as it’s a popular burger joint and a Saturday at that. Plus, on Wednesdays and Saturdays their burgers are 1/3 off the original price. It used to be 1/2, but economydemandmakemoney.

They’ve got a pretty good selection, like a roasted pepper and jack, mushroom, hickory… I settled for a Cajun burger with pepper jack, while my friend risked an ulcer by going for the Beg for Mercy burger. According to their website, it’s “nuclear hot” with roasted Serrano peppers. We also got garlic fries, because, c’mon. C’mon.

The verdict
My friend warned me that the Cajun burger would be salty because of the seasoning rubbed onto it. It was. The burger was enjoyable, but nothing to recommend. Apparently the Beg for Mercy burger was a joke and not spicy at all. But still, it was good, hard to screw up a burger after all. My biggest wish was the the buns were toasted. It felt like they just transferred them from the bun bag straight onto my plate, so the condiments inside the burger got things pretty mushy right quick.

Surprise winner of the night was the chipotle ketchup. They had self serve pumps of curry and chipotle; the former was a bit too overwhelming, especially since the bits of garlic strewn over the fries already packed a wallop. Mouthwash did not cut it, I could have licked a hunk of bread and it would have complemented a dish of spaghetti beautifully.

And that was my dinner kthanksbye.

Cajun burger

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