Europe Backpacking Travel Blog: Coming Soon

So I always meant to create a travel blog that detailed my 50+ day journey through parts of Europe.  This is my Oscars acceptance speech of thanking all the blogs that helped me throughout my trip and I truly couldn’t have done it without them.  They gave me the information and support I needed to get from place to place.

What I realized, though, as I was combing through my travel diary on Evernote, was that people may not want this gigantic essay of what I did each day.  It’s not only tedious to have to go through a gigantic paragraph when all you wanted to know was the cost of a bus ticket, some people just don’t care about your own personal feelings and revelations.  That is the cold hard truth, ya’ll, served on an upturned metal shield.

A good example of a wonderful and succinct way of displaying information is Buzzfeed.  They are big on lists, and that seems to be the big internet trend.  For example: 12 Birds That Are Just Not Having It Today, 7 Reasons Why Belle is the Best Disney Character, 8 Promises That Girls Make To Themselves Before Getting Into Bed.  These headlines are much more eye-catching than their less than their drab equivalents; Grumpy Birds, Belle is My Favorite Disney Princess, or Girls Plan The Best At Night.  So, this is all going to be an experiment and I’ll be editing throughout the course of my uploadings, to see what sort of organization works best.

Best of luck to me to make this a smashing success, and more importantly help fellow female solo travelers who need that extra helpful tip to save on money and get the most out of their journey to self-discovery.

That was the most disappointing part really; people often come back with fantastic stories of near brushes with death or how they really found who they were as a human being.  I… I just had a nice time playing tourist and taking pictures.  Just went to Europe and came back pretty much the same, other than a fierce sunglasses tan.

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