Sweet Tomatoes twice in 4 days

Sweet Tomatoes is one of the few American restaurants my family will frequent, when we deign to eat out.  We’re strictly a Korean, Italian, or burger restaurant family, so pretty much the generic pastas and burgers with a dash of Asian cuisine.  My parents are rather health-conscious nowadays, so Sweet Tomatoes is in line with their whole philosophy of having a salad at every meal.  Of course, my sister and I make a beeline for the creamy soups and assorted pastries after scarfing down a couple leaves (mixed generously with assorted pasta salads).

I went with my family the night we flew back from Korea, as we were too tired to cook.  Did I say we?  I meant my parents, because I’m a good-for-nothing moocher.  They had a little tag on the table advertising the Chicken Pot Pie Stew, but it would start to be available in November.  My stomach did an aw shucks, but who knew that just four days later I’d be back at the establishment?  High five God.

And the first thing I got after my required salad?  Chicken Pot Pie Stew!  Which was a real let down, as it was ridiculously salty.  They set a basket of biscuits next to the soup with the “EAT THIS WITH THAT!” sort of label peeping out.  Like a child who ignores the gift and plays with the gift bag, the biscuit was the hero of this duo.

I’d also have to say that the gluten-free pumpkin spice muffins were not bad, not bad at all.  It was worth eating two, and I never eat two of the same things if I could help it.  Buffets are all about portion control.  If you don’t do portion control, then you won’t be able to eat every single thing they have available.

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